Websites + Apps + Hosting



Web Design + Development.

Corporate sites, brand sites, campaign sites including custom propriety full digital platforms and business tools… Well in a matter a fact… Any type of website… We have had the opportunity to create some real gems!

NIX FIX IT  has solved, and provided professional IT solutions for hundreds of web projects for our clients and know what it takes to build a solid digital experience.

“… we turn ones idea into a tangible digital asset. To nurture, assist in growth and development and guide through conception to completion and beyond…“


App Design + Development.


Business Web Based Apps + Portals, Apple iPhone Apps, and Android

Over the past decade we have produced online training systems, certified learning systems, in house business productivity tools, document management and customer relationship management systems. Children learning and games.

We have recently conducted an eCommerce system/campaign that resulted in earning well over the 2 multi-million dollar figure in only a 3 month period.

The success and relatively unknown and publicised service we offer is unique, and we are always tinkering or developing a database system, or looking at current businesses and identifying ways in which software and code we create can offer efficiencies and automation to business. … thus leading to increased profits.


Dedicated Hosting + Management.

We run and maintain our own dedicated web servers, located within Australia. We have been hosting business websites and emails for well over 15 years and have become experts in the field. We offer web server management, domain name purchases, database services, email setups and creation,security and anti-hacking technologies.

Our server only has websites we build and choose to run on it. We secure it for our clients only.  We do not share our space or IP addresses with the masses and provide a high end enterprise level service. We can and run dedicated custom solutions and platform setups for websites, business CRM software and mobile applications, that require unique hosting and software setups and functions.

  • Secure, Fast and Reliable Hosting Services
  • Friendly ‘Real Person’ help and technical Support.
  • Secure Login and Hosting Management Panel, for self management if required.
  • Domain Name Purchasing, and Setup

We take care of it, from your ideas to having the site live and available on the internet. Call us today to find out how we can assist.