Marketing has never been more exciting dynamic and adventurous. Since the advent of Social Media and the iPhone, Google Plus and many others and the way the world of us humans communicate, purchase and interact with each other, we have never had so many ways to market and get our ideas, products and services out there to the masses…

We have BIG DATA and statistics driven outlooks and approaches to development that allow us to take your digital presence and user experience seriously, profitably and successfully. The Foundations of Nix Fix IT are based upon sound principals of marketing and design that have set the groundwork for success in using ‘new media’ world of marketing and social promotion..


Marketing and Promotion

There are generally six key aspects that you need to focus on when marketing your products or services. These aspects are sometimes referred to as the six ‘Ps’: We Taken these Directly from The Australian Government website, They set out the principals and breaks downs of the P’s and myths of marketing clearly, so check them out.


At NIX FIX IT, we are qualified and experienced marketers of traditional media as well as ‘new media’, the land of social networks, blogging, Search engine optimisation (SEO) and google.

We still believe strongly in good old fashion values of service and business practiced with a smile and this also reigns true in business marketing today. We still stand by the solid pricipals of traditional marketing and use the new media in ways to engage, attract and enrich your customers.