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World first eCommerce ticketing and prize website. My client gave away an Island Resort!

We were asked to build a one of a kind ticketing sales website system that allowed for international rules and regulations to permit us to raffle an Island Resort. When Adam first approached us about this concept it excited us greatly, ideas started flowing and we just had to work together.

The website managed ticket sales in the millions and the island resort was given away, and a lucky winner was announced live on Facebook at an event.

The marketing of this campaign reached a global audience, made it to the BBC news, Appeared in Main streams in all social media channels as well as TV interviews, on sunrise and the full works! Great work to the entire team for this project.

Adam worked tirelessly to make this happen, as did we… The project took a lot of drive, risk and hard work. The end results blew our minds! Just to be apart of this was exciting.

We were responsible to keep the site running as thousands of users (every minute, constantly) were using/purchasing tickets for the three months!. We had to launch another website and system to cope with the unexpected amount of people from all over the world purchase tickets, we provided alternative web links if things began to get slow. Speed and management of the server was critical to the end results in tickets. We and our clients were so impressed with all our results.

  • Website and Commerce sales system
  • Graphic and User Interface design
  • Hosting and Management Services

This site is no longer online but is worth a mention, as it went so global you may have even brought tickets yourself!

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