OUR PROCESS Apps + Websites + Design + Marketing

We initially meet and have a non-obligation free consultation to discuss your ideas and the viability of your project. We can then formulate what your objectives, target markets, audience, usability, your budgeting expectations, design and functional requirements to achieve your project.

We take the time to process your ideas and formulate a plan. We present an outline documentation of the project and place a ‘base’ figure, and estimate to produce the project. Depending on the complexity of the project this usually can be presented within 3-8 days.

We have used the same methodology to success for over 10 years with our clients. We have adapted it to suite the needs of changing technologies, trends and market changes but fundamentally it remains the same as it always has, clear objectives and successful outcomes.

Today this part of the process takes much more priority than ever before. We have seen the increase of cyber attacks and also the increase of competition, through the use of ad words, SEO, online marketing and social media campaigns. All systems need to be monitored and maintained. If you think of your technology collection, website, apps, social media profiles, your business digital presence. If you think of all these things like a garden. A garden needs water all the time, and every now and then it needs trimming and a few additives added to the soil, nourishment. Every now and then a few birds might decide to have lunch on your vines, we need to address security on occasions by establishing a scare crow or other methods.