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Branding and Promotion Collateral, traditional, Facebook, Google and Search Engine Optimisation Services.

Professional creative Websites, Iphone Apps and Dedicated Hosting Servers.

Professional creative design and layout services. Logos and Indentities, professional digital design services

IT Support keeps your day-to-day IT running. Our support ranges from web management, desktops, operating systems and servers, to networking devices, applications and more

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Expert Web Developer – Custom WordPress Website –  Gold Coast


Expert Web Developer Nick BowenWelcome to NixFixIt – A Call out Computer Repair Service and Web and App Developer Freelance and Contractor ,

My Name is Nick Bowen a qualified and professional web developer and application developer located on the Gold Coast. I have been operating my web developer business for over 20 years and am currently operating from my home offices in Bahrs Scrub, about 30 mins North of the Gold Coast, and approximately 30mins South of Brisbane. We are located in a great spot to service clients From the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. We actually have client all over Australia, and use the internet and technology to conduct, meetings, briefs, and even remote repairs sometimes.

I love living on the Gold Coast, its even better being my own boss, keeping client focused and living a balanced lifestyle in one of the most beautiful places in the world.